The vineyards were founded with a purpose and a desire: a living from the land, preserving agriculture & make known the products from the Provençal heritage.

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Initially Vineyards of Ramatuelle was born from the merger of several owners under the name of Celliers Ramatuelle Vignerons. We seek to establish the building Route des Plages, but the lack of available land will require to settle a little further. The first stone was laid in 1954, but not until 1956 to attend the first winemaking.


Very attached to the respect for the environment, the winemakers working since 2000 in the whole vineyard farming. For this, they are given the human and technical means to do so. Modern winemaking equipment used to extract all the juice without crushing it and respecting the raw material. Several wines are tasting, everyone can find the value desired price.


Today the Ramatuelle vineyards are part of a good dynamic, count includes 120 operators and 265 hectares of vineyards spread over the common Croix Valmer Gassin, Ramatuelle and Saint Tropez which 235 AOP Côtes de Provence and 30 in Wine Country Var.

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The Vineyards of Ramatuelle include 120 members to 260 hectares spread over the villages of Ramatuelle, Gassin, La Croix-Valmer and St Tropez.

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