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The Vineyards of Ramatuelle include 120 members to 260 hectares spread over the villages of Ramatuelle,   Gassin, La Croix-Valmer and St Tropez.

The production is reflected by 85% rosé, 12% red and 3% white. Once it runs its vineyards on the peninsula by the sea, it enjoys a microclimate and influence of the Mediterranean with as grape variety Tibouren. Of course, after selection of the grapes, winemaking stood there.

Among the wines we note flagship Silky, Jeanne Field, R, The Cove. Among the best that can be enjoyed on the beautiful tables of the peninsula, the beaches of Pampelonne to the terrace of the Gorilla in Saint-Tropez.

Soyeux - Rosé
  • 50 % Tibouren
  • 30 % Grenache
  • 20 % Syrah

Vintages Soyeux - Rosé

  • Dry and sweet at the same time with a floral and distinguished bouquet marrying an alliance of finesse and structure.
  • Ideally served with lightly spiced dishes.
Domaine de Jeanne - Rosé
  • 50 % Grenache
  • 30 % Cinsault
  • 10 % Rolle

Vintages Domaine de Jeanne - Rosé

  • The perfect balance of soil, climate, exposition and grape varieties.
  • That Rosé give us a summer fruits (peaches, strawberries) arômas and also floral notes.
  • These same tastes are reflected on the palate with a good lenght.
  • The Domaine de Jeanne is situated 4km north of Ramatuelle village. This family vineyard is managed by Christian Frésia.
  • The 15 hectares of vineyards are all planted on terrains that are facing the bay of Saint-Tropez.
  • Here the soils are micaschist and feldspath minerals.
  • All the best-known grape varieties of the Côtes de Provence region are grown in this vineyard.
Domaine de Colombier red
  • 30 % Mourvedre
  • 45 % Syrah
  • 25 % Cabernet

Vintages Domaine de Colombier red

  • A clear red wine, ruby reflects.
  • Fruity nose with a touch of red fruits
  • Wine easy to drink ( summer wine), best with barbecues and grilled meat.
R - Blanc
  • 60 % Rolle
  • 40 % Ugni Blanc

Vintages R - Blanc

  • Pale yellow color. A fruity nose with peach tones.
  • Rich tasting, balanced,  fresh and with the same peachy hues perceived on the nose.
R - Rosé
  • 50 % Tibouren
  • 40 % Grenache
  • 10 % Carignan

Vintages R - Rosé

  • A rosé that is pale salmon in color
  • Fruity and earthy on the nose
  • The same aromatic personality to taste, well balanced.
R - Rouge
  • 50 % Syrah
  • 25 % Cabernet
  • 25 % Carignan

Vintages R - Rouge

  • These three grape varieties give this wine a rich ruby color, a complex nose and taste that is both fruity and floral (violet, blackcurrant, raspberry)
  • An intense wine in taste with an agreeable structure due to the maceration of the grape skins of 5 to 6 days and with a gentle extraction.
Vegan red
  • 50 % Syrah
  • 30 % Mourvedre
  • 20 % Cabernet

Vintages Vegan red

 - Very light red, red fruits aromas, light wine ( summerwine) 

 - It is a wine without oenological products of animal origin.

  - We have been approved " Vegan " by an official body, entitled to award this label.

La Crique - Blanc
  • 60 % Clairette
  • 40 % Ugni Blanc

Vintages La Crique - Blanc


  • These 2 grape varieties have been used for a very long time by our winemakers.
  • A typical and well-loved white wine that seduces with its intense aromatic bouquet(fruits and florals).
  • Its fresh tast makes it the ideal accompaniment for fish and shellfish.
La Crique - Rosé
  • 50 % Grenache
  • 30 % Tibouren
  • 20 % Cinsault

Vintages La Crique - Rosé

  • Issue of a blush rosé after short maceration of the grape skins and fermented at a low temperature.
  • A well balanced rosé, a lovely harmony of flowers and fresh fruits.
  • A fine and soft wine.
La Crique - Rouge

Vintages La Crique - Rouge

  • Deep garnet color.
  • Aromas of blackcurrants and plums.
  • Rounded in taste with presence of tannins.
  • Best to drink with red meats.
  • Potential to keep for 2or 3 years.
  • 95 % Tibouren
  • 5 % Grenache

Vintages Antiboul

The Tibouren grape brings aromatic notes of peach

The Tibouren grape was introduced into the region of Saint-Tropez last century by a naval sea captain named Antiboul, This variety is able to express all of its potential in the micro-climate the reigns over our peninsula.

  • 60 % Rolle
  • 20 % Clairette
  • 20 % Ugni Blanc

Vintages Paillas

  • You will find a nose and tasteof citrus fruit ( grapefruit)
  • A well-loved wine a good balance between alcohol and fruit
  • These last two grape varieties have been used for a very long time our wine growers as they are old Mediterranean varieties.
  • 40 % Carignan
  • 30 % Syrah
  • 30 % Mourvedre

Vintages Ormeau

  • These 3 grape varieties are the flagship of the protected designation of origin "Côtes de Provence" which gives this wine its color, rich in tannins and delicious with a powerful palate of fruits.

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